I am an Indonesian lawyer who passionate in travelling, supporting Juventus and like talking about movie and any other garbage issues.

Here are my things:

1. White sand beach without any coral;
2. Diving especially big fish and coral reef (not really into muck);
3. No problem with mountain and cave but would love hill more;
4. Prefer walking farther than running;
5. Don’t like to park in a narrow car parking lot;
6. Made several short indie movies;
7. In love with How I Met Your Mother;
8. Divide movies into (i) good or bad; and (ii) entertaining or boring;
9. MotoGP = Ducati = regardless the riders;
10. Dreaming to own and live in a tropical beach house with my only wife in my old age;
11. I want a perfect body and that’s why I go to the gym three times a week (but the result has yet to come);
12. Actually wanted to be an architect -> internist -> accountant public but end up as a lawyer;
13. Love bowling;
14. Rendang and Rujak Cingur for the win;
15. Can do all of the swimming styles except the butterfly;
16. Wish time machine exists;
17. Hope my wife can and willing to cook;
18. No particular music and song genres as long as they are nice to listen to;
19. Toys Story and Ice Age movies are very funny and sometimes touchy;
20. Wish a friendship as bound as (Ted-Marshall-Lily-Barney-Robin)’s friendship.

Please do follow me @Mahesar on Twitter. I tweet rubishes and often in Indonesian language.


4 responses to “About

  1. Maybe if you can achieve the number 11, you can have the 17th. Bonus: it comes with a wife who has proportional body as you mention in number 17 and has the same perception with you in number 7 & 19. So, better be hurry for the 11th. Good luck, bello!

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