It was the most wonderful experience that I ever had in staying at a hotel! If you read my previous phrase diligently, you would find a term ‘experience’. Please see the elaboration below.

It was my 5 months pregnant wife’s 31st birthday celebration that made me arranged a short weekend getaway to Bandung. You don’t have to read this post to be advised that Padma Hotel Bandung has been being the best hotel in Bandung for the past 5 years, since every other blogs and review at the tripadvisor are saying the same.

Apparently, luxury is not the only word that can be associated with this hotel. As a happy guest, I would like to testify that their service is outstanding.

I made a reservation via their own website ( within around 3 weeks before our arrival. If you want a better price then you should book around 4 weeks or more prior to your stay. When I submit my reservation, I was asked whether I wanted to be picked up (upon arrival) and dropped off (upon departure). Since I planned to just enjoy the hotel without having to travel around the city, I chose to take a train and thank god the hotel has this pick-drop facility.

4 days before our trip, the hotel management sent me an email just to re-confirm whether I need something else during my period of stay, including the schedule of the train, dietary needs, purpose of stay, etc. It made me feel more comfortable, I felt that the hotel acknowledged my booking since there has not been any direct contact made other than online reservation.

Argo Parahyangan

Argo Parahyangan

5 September 2015, we took off of the train named Argo Parahyangan from Gambir Station, Jakarta at 08.30 sharp Jakarta time. If you book the train ticket via KAI website, you will need to print it at the self-service printing machine provided at the Gambir station. Worry not, it is very easy to use such machine, and it is fast so you will not queue too long.

The Argo Parahyangan ticket price are ranging from Rp100,000 – 120,000/pax for the executive class. The trip itself will take time for 3,5 hours from Gambir station to Bandung station. The train will stop at Bekasi station and Cimahi station.

Ma' Uneh

Ma’ Uneh

Upon arrival, the driver of Padma Hotel has already waited for us exactly in front of the exit door with a signage of my name. The driver was polite and informative, even made my wife and I dropped off to a Sundanese restaurant namely Ma Uneh. Why was that significantly informative for us? Because this restaurant is located in a very small street (gang) that can only be reached by foot, but as you could have predicted, it was full of hungry customer craving tasteful foods with reasonable price! If it was not caused from the driver information, we would never know that there was this good restaurant.

We touched down the hotel and managed to check in at around 13.30 Bandung time (same as Jakarta time, actually). We were welcomed by a pair of cold drinks to freshen up us after a long and tiring travel.

Premier Suite

Premier Suite

We managed to stay at Premier Suite. As at this post is being written, the room rates are ranging from Rp1,500,000 to Rp7,500,000 depending on the type of the room and the promotions.

Birthday and Babymoon Cakes

Birthday and Babymoon Cakes

We could not be happier when we found two plates of cakes congratulating our babymoon and my wife’s birthday. In addition to that, you called it service when the bell rang and you found out that a staff of the hotel offering you a bunch of fresh oranges.

The Pool

The Pool

About the swimming pool, I think that all of the hotel in the world should build and provide warm water swimming pool, just like in Padma Hotel Bandung. Jacuzzi and kids swimming pool are provided separately. For this part, I am giving an input that it would be better if the pool side beds can be provided a lot more, especially when Padma Hotel Bandung is usually full-booked on the weekend, and as we know, guests with family will almost certainly bring their children swim.

The hotel also provides afternoon tea accompanied with light snacks such as rissoles, fried banana, and many more. The sunset scenery while enjoying the tea was also magical. However, we have to manage the timing of swimming and enjoying this afternoon tea because the period would be from 15.30 – 17.00, and you don’t wanna miss this session!

For the dinner, we were offered to join a bbq night for around Rp300,000/person. Dinner was tricky since Padma Hotel Bandung is located not too close to the main road, let alone the city center and Dago where many famous restaurant are situated. We eventually ordered a plate of Nasi Goreng Cimbeleuit for Rp103,000 which tasted nice and having sufficient portion.



Breakfast is the ritual that you do not want to miss while you are staying at the hotel, especially the luxurious one. Many type of foods provided at the stalls, all taste OK.

Flying Fox

Flying Fox

To kill the time until the check out time at 12.00, we walked down to the outbound area where the guests can experience flying fox and wall climbing, as well as playing basket ball and mini soccer. These facilities complete the experience the guests can have, so in Padma Hotel Bandung, it is not just a luxury stay, but also a fine experience.

At 13.00, we again were dropped off of Bandung station by the same driver so we did not have to spend more expense for a taxi. We took Argo Parahyangan leaving Bandung station at 14.30.

Surely will come again in the future!

Score: 4,7/5.


2 responses to “PADMA HOTEL BANDUNG

  1. Sounds like a stujning experience. I just love amazing hotels for special days. It makes the experience so much more amazing 🙂

  2. I love padma! Some friends who happened to have that “sixth sense” said that it’s a bit creepy for the humongous window. But as leyeh2 person, I cherish the moment so much. Not to mention the upgrade room and the surprise cake and all good services. Deboy was happy as well for the heated pool. SUPER LOVE!

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