My Birthday Presents from My Special One

It’s been a while since my last writing. Yeah, I still can’t tell that I am a blogger since I started it because of my girlfriend‘s encouragement (does not mean I was forced, though). Maybe I’m just not consistent, yet (compared to her who already blogging since 2006 and always writes 5 (five) posts per month, consistently!).

Anyway, may this post could encourage me to start writing again. Seen from this post title, it seems irrelevant to my blog ‘specialties’, i.e. Juventus, Legal, Movie and Travel. Actually, they are almost all there.

My birthday was on 7 July so basically it’s already an expired topic. However, I still want to share my happiness which I can still feel it until now (how romantic, right?). My girlfriend really knows my favorite things and needs. She bought me:

1. A Juventus Key Chain;

2. A Juventus Nike Cap;

3. A Power Bank; and

4. An iPod Shuffle.

As you can see, of course, she knows that I adore Juventus that much! Therefore she gave me the present number 1 and 2. She also gave me the present number 3 and 4 with a really great timing! Yeah, I was about to go to my hometown, Pacitan to celebrate Idul Fitri/Ied Mubarak.

Years before, I used to utilize my Blackberry as a music player and connect it to my car audio head unit. The main problem as you can guess, I had to plug my Blackberry in a mobile charger while playing the music which not good for the battery lifetime itself.

With those presents, I didn’t have to worry anymore. My 15 (fifteen) hour trip was full music thanks to the iPod Shuffle which is able to store more than 300 (three hundred) songs.

Hence my birthday (presents) story. Hope I can be a better man.


Thank you my love, I really like them!

Thank you my love, I really like them!


One response to “My Birthday Presents from My Special One

  1. Aaaa.. jadi maluk ditarok semua di sini.. Semoga berguna terus ya sayaang.. Lebih dewasa, lebih ndak sensian, lebih ganteng, lebih keren, lebih sakses, sehat selalu dan disayang keluarga Allah dan pasangan. Aamiin.

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