The Hangover Part III - Source:

The Hangover Part III – Source:

Here I go again, trying to review a movie I just watched with my girlfriend on Sunday evening. After attended my ex’s wedding reception, we decided to go to the theatre. My girlfriend browsed the theatre (21cineplex) website while I was driving and then just realised that the ticket price of all of such theatres in Jakarta has increased. The cheapest theatre ticket can only be found among others at Setiabudi Building and Planet Hollywood on the weekend (Rp 35.000). While for the likes of 21cineplex theatre in Kota Kasablanka charges Rp 60.000!

However, after having a discussion, we decided to go to Kota Kasablanka because it’s the nearest mall from our driving area at that moment. In addition, we also planed to shop some gifts for our beloved ones.

Synopsis - Source:

Synopsis – Source:

Anyway, we chose THE HANGOVER Part 3 as the menu. The idea was simply because we wanted to chill up our Sunday. I have watched the original HANGOVER and also the sequel. As far as I remember, both of them were pretty funny. So I was encouraged to watch the trilogy. My girlfriend just followed the choice without any high expectation since she only watched the original one.

Entering to the main topic of this post, I have just felt awful with the opening scene. The visual effect (of the Giraffe) bothered me! It sucked! I am not a visual effect expert but as an ordinary movie fan, I was dissapointed with it. Aside from the visual effect, the idea of the opening scene was horrible. I do not know whether it wanted to make a parody of the Final Destination 2 scene or what.

The most dissapointment was that this movie didn’t offer what the prequals did, i.e. the QUESTION MARK of “What did just they do” and “Trying to gather the red line of what has just happened“. The idea of supposed to be surprising scene was also easy to be guessed.

Nevertheless, the movie still offered me one or two funny scenes. I don’t know, maybe I set my expectation too high on this finale. Last, I just want to say that the movie is not that funny and boring but not bad enough to make you come out of the theatre studio until the end of it.

Rate: 2,5/5

PS: Oh, one more, do not watch this movie at the expensive theatre or even you can just rent it, instead.



  1. As you wrote above, yes I didn’t set my bar too high since I haven’t watched the previous one. Not a bad choice for chillin’ on Sunday afternoon, but it didn’t give you the “movie theater effect”, where you “wowed” and talking about it over and over again. Keep up the good work, love. *cup*

    • As per usual, later, we have to watch the prequel(s) of the movies. The list: The Fast and The Furious 1 – 5, Iron Man 2, etc. Haha

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