The Scariest Horror Movie I Ever Watched

Being Scared is Human

Being Scared is Human


Do you like horror that much? I do! Yeah but I will not crown myself as a ‘Horror Movie Master’ as of course there are a lot of horror movies that I have not watched. I am speaking as an ordinary horror movie fan.

I am encouraged to watch horror movies as many as possible but somehow, I do judge movie from its trailer. Therefore, if I am in the opinion that any horror movie trailer sucks, I will most probably not watch it. In addition, I am very glad that my cutest girlfriend is a horror movie connoisseur as well.

I somehow am confused when a lot of horror movie fans or even expert put The Exorcist as the number one scariest horror movie on the list. However, I do not want to judge anyone preference here as movie as an art is appreciated subjectively.

Anyway, from my few experiences in watching horror movies, here are the titles which I can recommend (I also attach the trailers, courtesy of youtube and the uploaders):

10. Paranormal Activity 3

9. Phobia 2 (especially the 2nd story)

8. Sinister

7. The Eye

6. Let the Right One in

5. Rumah Dara

4. Ju-On

3. Insidious

2. Shutter

1. 4Bia (especially the 4th story)

Voila! Those are my selected horror movies. You may want to disagree but as I already said, each person has his/her subjective preference in term of art. Hope you can enjoy the trailers and therefore interested to watch the movie.



6 responses to “The Scariest Horror Movie I Ever Watched

  1. Movies from the list I haven’t watched: Let the right one in and Shutter. Penasaraaaan! Hahaha.. Eh Pee Mak kapan nih kita tonton Pee Mak? Menurutku mah setan2 luar gak terlalu ngeri tapi timingnya aja yang ngagetin. Tapi horror thailand tuh ngefeeeed.. Hihihi..

    • Iya, sementara hantu Indonesia semakin degradasi. Di kala hantu2 negara lain semakin serem, hantu kita semakin disable. Semisal, pocong tapi budeg, suster tapi ngesot, dll. Dalam hal hantu saja Indonesia sudah tertinggal!

  2. coba ntn epitaph deh kk, terus tlg di review.. soalnya saya mau ntn tp blm berani smp skrg, takut kebayang2 haha #penakutygsukahoror

    • Wow, film 2007 ya. Semoga ada di youtube (with English subtitle) hehe. Aku yakin nyari dvd nya susah pasti. Makasih buat rekomendasinya ya, anyway.

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