One More Point to the SCUD3TT1

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Buon Pomeriggio Serie A Lega Calcio Appassionato!

I wish all the Serie A Italian League lovers a good day and of course, especially all of Juventini worldwide!

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As we know, Juventus FC is currently leading by 11 (eleven) points gap from the 2nd position, S.S.C. Napoli, in the standings. With 4 (four) matches remaining, Juventus will mathematically win the Serie A Italian League 12/13 Season if they can gain 1 (one) point or in other words, they only need a draw. The first of the remaining teams to face is U.S. Palermo which is currently standing in 17th (seventeen) position.

Lega Calcio Serie A Standings Season 2012/13 after 34 games

Lega Calcio Serie A Standings Season 2012/13 after 34 games (source:

I believe Palermo will be a very tough opponent since they are struggling to stay away of relegation zone. Therefore, they will fight us until their last blood and give 101% (one hundred and one percent) to win the game. From the statistics provided by, in the last 5 (five) meetings of both clubs in the Serie A, Juventus won 3 (three) times while Palermo won twice. It proves that Palermo have always played us hard balls.

As for what tactic(s) should Antonio Conte adopt, I recall that he didn’t use the familiar 3-5-2 formation and played the 3-5-1-1 formation, instead, in the Juventus’ last 3 (three) matches. Conte switched to latest formation to give Paul Pogba a room as a starting Midfielder Center (since Pogba almost always played very good and solid lately) while Claudio Marchisio was pushed a little as a Trequartista to support the sole Striker, Mirko Vucinic.

Such formation and tactic have given us 9 (nine) points from 3 (three) matches. Altough, such games were ‘ugly’ because not as fluid as the 3-5-2 which Conte usually apply. However, 9 (nine) points from 2 (two) big clubs, i.e. S.S. Lazio and A.C. Milan and also 1 (one) heated derby game versus Torino were very worthy.

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Arturo Vidal executed a penalty (which became the one and only goal) in a match versus A.C. Milan. Source:

In their last 3 (three) matches, Palermo gained 5 (five) points from the mid-table opponents. The most notable one was their win againts Inter Milan, not to mention they also won againts A.S. Roma 5 (five) match ago. This records say that Palermo will not give us an easy Scud3tt1 (yes, it means we will win the 31st Scudetto/Serie A title if we can beat Palermo or even have a draw).

Back to the tactics aspect, I wish Conte will field Fabio Quagliarella as the sole Striker rather than Vucinic. I think, Vucinic’s game were not inspiring in the last 5 (five) games as the starting sole Striker for Juventus, not to mention he often looked lazy in the field, also he couldn’t hold up the ball long enough before the opponent player took it away from him. It made the tempo of the game (and also the overall game attacking-plan) not running well.


Quagliarella (left) along with Vucinic.             Source:

On the other side, although Quagliarella is not a ‘hold ball’ type of striker, his shooting power and accuracy is outstanding. He can make an opportunity to shoot (even often from outside of the penalty box) and not just wait the good ball to be executed (like Matri usually does). Aside from the sole Striker, I think all of the usual starting will start againts Palermo since we have zero suspended player.

However, whatever tactics and formation which will be used, may our Juventus win the game and secure the 31st title of Lega Calcio Serie A! #ConteKnowsBest


Juventus 2011 – 2012 SCUD3TT0 Ceremony. Source:



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