The Seduction of Pulau Tiga

It is not difficult to guess why the object that Nico Wijaya and me visited this time named Pulau Tiga (Three Island). Yes, it is because there are three small islands in the sea area of the Asilulu Village in Ambon. It takes approximately two-hour road trip to reach the location from the center of Ambon City and then continued through sea sailing about fifteen minutes by motor boat owned by local fishermen.
Narrow white sand beach with crystal clear sea to swim

Narrow white sand beach with crystal clear sea to swim

As mentioned above, there are three islands which are named Pulau Satu, Pulau Dua and Pulau Tiga. The naming of the islands indeed sounds not creative but it is absolutely not a problem compared to the charm offered by such islands. There have been settlements on the Pulau Satu and Pulau Tiga although only a few families while Pulau Dua is absolutely no occupant. Steep cliffs so typical adorn the three islands while the white sand can only be found on Pulau Tiga, even with narrow size.

We gave the cave a name

We gave the cave a name

We decided to do ‘ Island Hoping ‘ to all of such three islands. We only stopped briefly at Pulau Tiga and Pulau Dua while we only begird Pulau Satu. In addition to the charm of the steep cliffs at the edge of these islands, there is a cave on Pulau Tiga but we didn’t get to go further into the cave and saw only the front mouth of the cave from the edge of the island. Such cave which has a front mouth around five meter, does not have a name yet, according to the locals. Eventually, we gave it a name ‘Goa Kalapa Tujuh’ (Seven Coconut Trees Cave). No need to be confused as to why we chose the name aside because there are seven coconut trees stand right at the mouth of the cave. In addition, we also saw sea caves having low mouths/entereance so they cannot be accessed by using a fast boat.


4 responses to “The Seduction of Pulau Tiga

    • What: This post is talking about island hopping in Pulau Tiga, Ambon, Maluku.

      Why: Pulau Tiga are good enough sites for diving, snorkeling or even just for island hopping.

      Where: Pulau Tiga are small group of islands located on the Western Coast of Ambon.

      When: The good times to come to Pulau Tiga are in November, February – March (less rainy days than any other months).

      Who: You may want to bring your friends to travel to Pulau Tiga since the islands are pretty remote and silent.

      How: If you travel from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport), then you should take any airways having flights to Ambon (Pattimura Airport). There will be an average estimated time of 5 (five) hours and 30 (thirty) minutes flight including a 30 (thirty) minutes transit in Makassar (Sultan Hassanudin Airport). Please mind the time difference gap of 2 (two) hours (Jakarta = UTC +7 and Ambon = UTC +9).

      Upon arrival in Pattimura Airport, the most comfort way to go to the Ambon City is by chartering a minibus (usually a Toyota Innova or Toyota Rush). It will cost Rp 200.000,00 (two hundred thousand Rupiah).

      I recommend to stay in Ambon City overnight before going to Pulau Tiga.

      On the day after, you can only travel to Pulau Tiga by again chartering a minibus since there is no public transportation available. Unfortunately I forget how much did it cost. When you arrive at the closest village, you have to charter a small fisherman motor boat (capacity for 6 passengers) for Rp 150.000 (one hundred and fifty thousand Rupiah) round trip.

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